Playing by the rules? to be fair to all there are a few rules of the road please read these below before using the hash tag.

Doncaster_UK Tweets

About #doncasterisgreat

The hash tag was the brainchild of the legendary @andrewisaacs and is used to promote our great town of Doncaster in South Yorkshire, UK. Andrew is an ambassador for Doncaster and wears many hats, running his business as a divorce Lawyer, Director on the board of Doncaster Chamber, supporter of many charities such as Mayflower animal sanctuary. He can also be heard on a Tuesday Evening on his show aptly named Doncaster is great on Sine FM @sinefm.

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This twitter bot was created by Chris Harrison @digitalunity to promote Doncaster and primarily to save Andrew @andrewisaacs some time retweeting!

Why does it tweet sometimes and retweet at others?

I built it with a bit of variety, if the tweet is short enough it prepends "RT @username" to the tweet and sends it out as a normal tweet, however if the tweet is near the limit, it simply retweets the tweet. This happens every 60 seconds of every day, every week.

Do you block any accounts?

There are a handful of accounts that are actually blocked and also the bot itself @doncaster_uk, it also does not tweet anything that starts with "RT" as this is obviously a retweet and saves time checking to see if the tweet is duplicated.

There are no hard and fast rules about being blocked but please keep it clean guys and girls, there is a profanity filter on at the moment so using the hash tag in conjuntion to some floral wording will soon get you blocked from the stream. There are no terms and conditions, this is not a business venture, plain and simple -- swear or flood and you will get blocked.

Does it automatically follow you?

Yes if it has picked up your tweet it will follow you, although at times we do hit the follow limit.